Smart Meter Cover

Smart Meter Cover

Protect your home from RF Radiation

The Smart Meter Cover safely blocks ~98% of the EMF (radio frequency / microwave) radiation emitted from smart meters.  



SAFE & EASY INSTALLATION: Just slide over the glass portion of the smart meter and you're done!

DURABLE: Stainless steel construction built to withstand all weather conditions.

AFFORDABLE: HALF the cost of similar products on the market!

PORTABLE: Easy to take on/off - take it with you if you move.

EFFECTIVE: Blocks ~98% of smart meter radiation, while still allowing the utility company to receive a signal. 

RF radiation measurements before and after Smart Meter Cover installation.

EMF Radiation Reading

BEFORE Smart Meter Cover Installation

258 mW / m2

EMF Microwave Radiation Reduction

AFTER Smart Meter Cover Installation.

11 mW / m2