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Brand New and Very Informative Discussion of EMF in the Michigan House of Representatives

NEW JUNE 2, 2018 - Anyone and everyone interested in the potential health effects of EMF and the ongoing legal discussions, needs to watch this video from the one-hour mark (1:00:00+) and on.

Dafna Tachover, founder of We Are The Evidence (a wireless technology injured advocacy group) Dr. Paul Heroux pHD, Professor at McGill University, and Senator Patrick Colbeck of the 7th District of Michigan, all speak about the research on the dangers of EMF in this presentation. 


As we'll continue to point out in this blog, the EMF issue is much bigger than just the potential issues with smart meters


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  • Came to your sight seeking protection from smart meter positioned on outside wall near my head when I sleep.
    Great info. Suggestion: the font color of
    pale mint on white background in the text above is not enough contrast for comfortable reading. Thank you.

    L Thielen

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