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Three Ways to Protect Your Home from External RF EMF

Cell Tower

Recently, we discussed potential dangers of smart meters and how you can shield them with a smart meter cover that dramatically reduces the amount of RF EMF (Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field) radiation you and your family are exposed to. Your smart meter’s signal will still reach the utility company, but your family will be shielded.


But EMF radiation comes from many devices around your home and neighborhood, not just your smart meter. Cell phone and TV/radio broadcast towers, radar, and strong WIFI signals are all around us in our cities, suburbs, and communities. Not to mention the impending roll out of 5G. Those concerned about this issue, want to know what they can do to protect their homes from the ever increasing levels of non-native EMF around us.


Electromagnetic Shielding


Unfortunately, EMF radiation is pretty much inescapable in our modern world. Even if you’ve made your home a low EMF environment, your neighborhood is undoubtedly flooded with EMF. Fortunately, that there are some excellent RF shielding products available on the market.


Here are three types of RF shielding material that you may want to consider to protect your home.


  1. RF Shielding Paint: Geovital Academy produces the best shielding paint on the market. The paint absorbs about 15% of the EMF that comes at it and reflects the rest away. Your home will be highly protected from unwanted radiation with a couple of coats of T98 on the walls and ceiling (under whatever decorative top coat you choose). Our son’s room is shielded with T98 shielding paint, and we sleep better at night knowing he is protected from RF while he sleeps.


Rule of thumb: If you paint a room with RF shielding paint, remember not to use that room in the future for devices that emit EMF. Otherwise you’ve basically just created an echo chamber for the radiation (like being inside a microwave, albeit at much lower power density).


  1. RF Shielding Fabric: Shielding paint will protect the walls, but there are still windows and potentially the floor to contend with. RF shielding fabric can be used to line or make curtains, placed under carpet or fashioned into a bed canopy. My wife and I sleep in a shielded bed canopy.


Rule of thumb: Always test RF shielding fabric in your home’s water before sending it through the wash to make sure your local water will clean the fabric without corroding it. Laundry detergent specially designed for shielding fabrics does exist if your water requires an upgrade.


  1. RF Shielding Film: For windows and potentially other applications where you might not want to use fabric or paint, RF shielding film is an option. It’s available in a couple different forms – light reflecting or clear.


Light reflecting has the additional benefit of being opaque from the outside when the light hits it and being an excellent energy saver as well. The clear provides RF shielding without the additional privacy and energy saving features, which makes it handy for car windows or other applications where you desire something translucent.


Rule of thumb: RF shielding film can be installed by you or by a professional.


Stay tuned for more helpful tips on how to protect yourself from RF EMF radiation.

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