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Why Every Home in America Should Have a Power Perfect Box

The Power Perfect Box is a is a Whole Home Dirty Electricity filtering solution that filters and conditions harmful dirty electricity in the ENTIRE HOUSE (as opposed to just on certain circuits as with plug-in solutions) to provide clean energy to your whole home.

In addition to that, the Power Perfect Box will not increase your power consumption - in fact it will reduce it considerably - saving you money and paying for itself over time. 

The benefits don't stop there as the Power Perfect Box also provides WHOLE HOME surge protection and will extend the life of your electrical equipment.


Top EMF Picks

While the smart meter cover addresses one of the smart meter problems, there are many other strategies and products we use to reduce the overall EMF exposure in our home, work and sleep spaces.  We do not recommend emf protection devices such as orgonite, shungite, scalar or quantum tech,...